"Wahai orang-orang Yang beriman! jika datang kepada kamu seorang fasik membawa sesuatu berita, maka selidikilah (untuk menentukan) kebenarannya, supaya kamu tidak menimpakan sesuatu kaum Dengan perkara Yang tidak diingini - Dengan sebab kejahilan kamu (mengenainya) - sehingga menjadikan kamu menyesali apa Yang kamu telah lakukan.." ( al-Qur'an,al-Hujurat ( 49 ):6 ).

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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Short Talk:
Flea markets seems to be taking off a big way in KL. The Sunday Sundae Bazaar, held every Sunday in Jalan Klang Lama, is another one such bazaar geared towards the young and trendy looking to buy or sell second-hand, vintage and handmade stuff.
From what I heard, something similar is gonna happen in Kuching pretty soon too.
Look! It's The Prime MinistZZzzz...

Yesterday, I attended the National Integrity Convention hosted by the government of Malaysia.
Yesterday, the Prime Minister himself also make an appearance at the convention.
Regardless of what anybody thinks of Abdullah Badawi as Prime Minister, you gotta give him at least credit for trying. Speaking my personal experience, government services have improved by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. Since he came to power, many in the government sector has also began taking corruption very seriously.

Prime Minister himself even flew all the way to Kuching just to attend a convention to educate people on integrity. That's dedication!

As the speakers took their turns addressing the audience, the hundreds of us in attendance watched admirably as our Prime Minister fell into deep thought.

5 minutes later, Pak Lah was still in deep thought.

10 minutes later.

15 minutes later.
Errr, that must be one helluva deep thought...

Even our Chief Minister of Sarawak was impressed at how much deep-thinking our Prime Minister does.
But a few minutes later, he fell into another bout of deep thought.
That deep-thinking must have went on for nearly half an hour
I wasn't the only one who noticed it. At least 3 other people came up to me afterwards and asked if I saw the Prime Minister doing his serious deep-thinking on stage in front of 600 people, at a convention on integrity. I wondered if Pak Lah knew that we saw him deep-thinking.
Yes, Pak Lah, we all saw it.
Itulah ciri- ciri terhebat Pak Lah, Perdana Menteri Ke5 Malaysia
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